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On E-Scooters: The Government will be debating E-Scooters soon, and my MP Sarah Jones has told me she will be forwarding this solution. Greenpeace agree with this idea. For Towns 'streets and roads', make one Pavement for Pedestrians ... [more]

Bold suggestion for segregating the cycleway: pick one side of the bridge to have a (wider?) pavement and then a bi-directional cycleway. Shift traffic lanes across, probably make the pavement on the other side narrower. Having a bi-directi ... [more]

Should be blocked off so it can't be a through route for cars

The road is very narrow, has many speed bumps, and is generally designed to prevent through traffic... and it doesn't work. Modal filter so it's closer to being traffic free would be good!

The shared cyclepath heading towards the airport is too narrow for cyclists and pedestrians to pass safely. The other side is better but quite narrow in places and the slip road could maybe be used.

Too many cars speed on this stretch between Tesco and the church, can there be traffic control to give cyclists more confidence to cycle on the road and to make it safer to cross

Close this part of junction completely

Use the current wide pavement for cycling

The cycle lane here - turning into Wilton Road is too narrow - the whole junction needs a rethink

Dangerous for cyclists turning right into the campus, have to cut across traffic and sometimes wait in the middle of the road. Need some sort of segregated middle cycle lane, maybe like the one on Winchester Road near the Range.

The road narrows and there is on-road parking on on side. Busses swing round the corner and squeeze through the narrow gap. As a consequence drivers almost always stop in the (discretionary) cycle lane right up against the kerb, while waiti ... [more]

Drop kerbs and double yellow lines at junctions to improve pedestrian line of sight and access for disabled and push chairs.

St Marks School will need traffic restrictions at start and end of school to allow social distancing.

Modal filters to slow traffic and allow safer walking for residents and school children

Speeding traffic and pavement parking

Wide exit from The Boardwalk into Radcliffe Road needed as part of NCN23.

Block to stop rat running.

Pop up cycle lane needed both directions.

Pop up cycle way needed both directions.

Pavement Narrow here. Need a pop up cycle lane across the rail bridge to link the pop up lanes on the dual carriageway.

Make it shared use.

This would be a perfect cycle route to Cutbush Lane and is a tarmac road already almost to the playing Fields. A short link path needed.

Crawler lane for southbound cyclists would be a great help.

Time the speed limit was reduced and room to take a lane for cycling.

Regents park road should have a cycleway to allow access for Highfield, Flowers, Basset, St Denys through to the SCN1 and the New Forest.

This dual carriage way sould be reduced to one lane there by linking the east of the city (via the toll bridge) to St Marys and St Denys.

Segregated cycle lane needed to link SCN1 to Stoneham Lane to SCN6

No obvious way of getting from cycleways off of West Quay to cycleway in Millbrook Rd East

Prioritise cycling and foot traffic at crossing. Why should pedestrians have to wait for cars that were not in sight to pass before receiving green light to cross? Not just here, but most crossings

Very narrow pavement at traffic lights near school. Compulsory purchase corner of the car park at the flats to widen pavement.

Block the road - every day cars speed here or mount the pavement on their way to somewhere else

Can we change the layout so that cycles have to cross and use the new cycle lanes heading southbound and not the shared use path?

Support the proposed cycle lanes!

South View Rd is used as a rat run by drivers using Hill Lane but not wanting to wait to turn at Raymond Rd - the mini roundabout gives them priority. Block here to keep the traffic to the main roads leaving Sourh View residents only

There is a short section of cycle lane that simply disappears on Burgess Road going west and no cycle lane at all going east, making it quite a scary journey in peak traffic times. Please extend the cycle lane for the whole length of Burges ... [more]

There is no pavement or cycle path and a large pothole where the road narrows, and 2 lanes traffic reduce to one lane.

Please keep the new cycle lanes in place. They free up space on the pavement for people walking and provide a much calmer traffic environment

Would it be possible to make this quiet route useable by bikes. There are barriers in place at the moment that make this difficult but it could be a good route?

Make the junction mouth smaller. It feels very unsafe walking round the bend, on the road, with traffic coming towards you at speed

Long straight road encourages speeding. Needs to be closed at school dropping off and picking up time.

Portsmouth Road in Woolston is too narrow and busy for bikes. A dedicated cycle lane or car/ lorry restrictions would make it safer

The cycleway is almost unusable due to its state, it is narrow and difficult to pass people safely the road is unsafe to cycle on due to its slope, width and poor visibility.

The shared cyclepath heading towards the airport is too narrow for cyclists and pedestrians to pass safely. The other side is better but quite narrow in places and the slip road could maybe be used.

Existing shared route is narrow and surface is very poor

Traffic often speeds up this straight stretch. As a result many cycles use the pavements for safety but this is risky for pedestrians. Improvements to slow traffic may help?

Closing the road would allow residents access while stopping its use as a cut thru.

A one way system around the school. Dedicated drop off for disabled? Or simply a desgnated drop off zone?

Cycle paths all along the school please.

Would be great to see real cycle paths all the way along the high street. (not ones that stop and start on the road- but clear paths) the pavement is very large on both sides so I think one side could be made into a 2 way cycle lane away fr ... [more]

Would be great to see cycle paths al the way along the road leading up to the school.

Any place there is a traffic island cars try to squeeze past too close.

At night it's not safe to use the cycle path to go under the bridge and uo the hill as it's dark and secluded. Having to change lane to use the roundabout could be safer.

Because it's uphill cyclists slow down an busses can get quite closem

If it were split on the side heading into town there’s enough room for a cycle and footpath on the pavement - ideal for kids heading to oasis school

At the beginning of summer set Terrace from 1 - 12 small road and cars park on the path as there is no driveway. Double yellows down 1 side so no one can park. There has been several occasions that ambulance could get down the road. There i ... [more]

Bottom half of foundry lane. Cant get my sons special needs buggy diwn foundry lane from the Spar to the botton by the Millbrook train station Bridge.

Segregated cycle lane, especially on the inner bend, as the majority of cars cut off cyclists whilst those are going up the hill: they have nowhere to escape and are forced to standstills.

Turn the Common into Southampton's largest roundabout: Hill Lane, Archers Road, the Avenue/Basset, Burgers/Winchester Roads all one-way. Each of these roads would then have room to spare for extra pavement, cycle paths, and drop-off bays (f ... [more]

Cars are speeding. Cyclists are on the pavement. I frequently have to step into the road. I’m more likely to die in an RYA at this point than from COVID19. Speed bumps.

Just stop cyclists using pavements everywhere and forcing pedestrians to walk into roads to maintain social distancing

Build segregated cycle paths on Banister Road. Currently, especially in the bend, motor vehicles do not leave enough space for cyclists, even though the road is wide enough. Physical barriers are therefore necessary to guarantee cyclist saf ... [more]

Build segregated cycle paths on London Road, continued from the Avenue. Currently, crossing motor traffic (Carlton & Bellevue Roads), as well as parked cars pose a serious hazard. Instead, build the cycle paths between the pavement and park ... [more]

Make Banister Road one-way (south-westbound). Motor traffic must then turn west onto Archers Road, or continue south towards Bedford place. Eastbound traffic from Archers Road will be able to continue and turn north onto the Avenue. This si ... [more]

Make Archers Road one-way (eastbound) between Banister Road and the Avenue. Motor traffic must then turn north onto the Avenue. Northbound traffic from the Avenue will be able to enter Banister Road, and turn right onto Archers Road (westbo ... [more]

Rat run and cars parked either side makes it dangerous foe a key cycle route across town. Close to stop rat run.

Cars parking on the narrow pavement preventing being able to walk safely. Walking in the road to maintain social distancing and to get around with a pram. Road used frequently by cyclists and people speeding through.

Railings along the narrow pavement mean that social distancing is not possible. Railings need removing and path widening to enable safe passing. This is also a key route for commuters and the Bitterne Manor school.

Make cycle way more obvious, then cyclists more likely to cross to use Hill lane cycle ways rather than cycle through common

Make one way - stop parents turning in Road when dropping off/picking up students - not a nice road to cycle at these times of day

It would be easy to make a cycleway here, the road is widr

If the road was closed here the restaurants can have outdoor seating

Make this walking only and get rid of the cars and parking

Block the road to stop rat running

Make the cycleways permanent!!

Keep the cycleways as permanent!!

It is always tight here around Greg's and the bus shelters

If you close this road it could be used for seats and tables

Block the road here, it feels dangerous to cycle here at the crossroads

Block the road here to make it safe to walk and cycle to school

Blocking the road here would make the street safe for the schools by having less cars

Cars travel along Bellemoor Road and Lucombe Road to eat run. If you block the road here it will make it locals only, walking and cycling to three schools will be improved

Bike riders have no separation from busy road with cars zooming by. Lots of cars parked on footpath with high chance of being car-doored

Cars always parked on footpath so no way to social distance (except to walk on main road)

Not enough space for cyclists and pedestrians on this busy stretch where new cyclists lacking in confidence later have to use the pavement (heading out to platform road) due to volume of traffic. Rather than three lanes, please make it two ... [more]

Pedestrianise Pound Tree Rd from here, as part of further pedesestrianisation of Above Bar. Perhaps in future this location could be used for housing or shops, with an archway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Segregated cycleway would be better here. Some speed signs too as motorists often speed.

The foot path here makes several 90 degree turns one after the other, making it very difficult not to bump into other pedestrians

Lovers Walk is too narrow for effective social distancing especially once students return and cyclists use the path to get to university

The cycle way painted on the foot path here makes a 90 degree bend making it impossible to see who is behind it. It's already busy and too crowded to be safe under normal conditions but does not allow any safe distancing now.

The cycle way painted onto this very steep bit of foot path is already dangerous under normal conditions, but certainly does not allow for safe social distancing

Because this road is long, straight and wide speeding cars are a constant problem, I fully support the new cycle paths proposed but fear the lack of parking will make the road seem even wider and lead to people thinking they can go even fas ... [more]

Providing a paved footpath (no cycling) behind the houses here and well separated from Burgess Rd would provide safe and speedy access for students and staff between Boldrewood campus and Highfield campus. There's already an unpaved path ... [more]

If Burgess Rd were one way only, and Winchester Rd just north of it the other way, a lot of the congestion along these roads would be alleviated and there might even be room for proper cycle paths on Burgess Rd

Right turns off of the avenue northbound by bike are difficult/dangerous as the sensor for triggering a right turn green light is in the middle of the intersection and seems to be tuned to recognize cars but not bikes. So as a cyclist yo ... [more]

Right turns from going North on the Avenue onto Highfield Rd by bike have become much harder now with the new cycleway. They were difficult and dangerous already, but now cyclists turning right have to stand in traffic that cannot pass with ... [more]

Provide a cycleway down East Park Terrace, Palmerston Rd, to Queensway along the parks to reduce conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians in the parks. This will also slow down traffic along those roads, making pedestrian access to Sol ... [more]

Difficult to cross on this side because of the lack of pedestrian signals. Traffic often turning in from all directions.

Cars from dealership often parked half on the pavement

Very narrow pavement on Marlborough Road

This is a difficult junction to navigate when travelling between Church Street and Marlborough Road. Often have to wait in the turn boxes, and hope that there isn't a car already occupying it

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